Chef-driven, Hawaiian inspired Poké

What we do at PokiPoké

PokiPoké is a chef-driven destination dedicated to Hawaii’s much-celebrated raw fish dish, Poké, providing a unique foody experience in Brussels. We want to satisfy our customers' needs of a healthy, crave-able quick service food experience. Our desire is to make people discover the unique and original savours of the Poké.

Poké is a mix of raw cubes of seafood (usually ahi tuna or salmon) in a soy sauce-based marinade. It's often garnished with seaweed, cucumber, avocado, or tobiko, and served over rice or greens. Ubiquitous in Hawaii, Poké is a deconstructed, flavorful version of sushi. It's also healthy, endlessly customizable, and very pretty. So, why don't you give it a try?

Our menu features a variety of signature PokiPoké creations to choose from. You can either try our Poké bowls or our delicious "Pokirritos". Each dish consists of fresh proteins, topped with healthy ingredients and homemade sauces. We are committed to sourcing sustainable fish and products.

At PokiPoké our philosophy is from "Pole to Bowl". That means that in sourcing our fish we aim to use the highest-quality and most sustainable raw fish we can find while still maintaining a reasonable price point. This philosophy extends into all areas of our offerings - from our produce to our sauces and even to the ingredients used to infuse our teas.